The Benefits of Having Cosmetic Dentistry

The Benefits of Having Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking good is more important today than ever, you can’t escape the fact that we are judged on our appearance.  This has made cosmetic dentistry a growing branch of dental care.  People are looking to improve their smiles and they are flocking to cosmetic dentists in droves.  Cosmetic dentistry does take into account other dental problems its main focus is having that perfect Hollywood smile.  Here are some of the benefits of having cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Your Smile

The biggest and most obvious benefit to cosmetic dentistry is that it gives you a great smile.  Patients who have been afraid to smile because they have had chipped or broken teeth can now have them fixed.  Discolored teeth can be whitened and there are very few dental problems that can’t be corrected.  Cosmetic dentistry can make you look younger and give you a youthful and vibrant appearance.  You can also fix issues that were a result of injury, illness or developmental abnormalities.  Here are some before and after images so you can see the difference.

  1. Boosts Your Confidence

When you look good you feel good.  Cosmetic dentistry can improve your overall appearance and this improves your psychological outlook on life.  Your smiling more and many patients who have battled low self-esteem in the past are now more comfortable with themselves and being around other people.

  1. Easily Accessible

Unless you live in a very rural area finding a dentist who can perform cosmetic procedures is fairly easy.  Many regular dentist are now offering cosmetic services as well, it is not beyond the capabilities of a regular dentist.  This makes it accessible to pretty much everyone.  Everyone can now have a great smile.

  1. Lower Prices

No, cosmetic dentistry isn’t cheap but with more and more dentists offering these services the prices have dropped.  This makes it more accessible to the average patient.  On top of that there are many more insurance plans that will now cover some of the more common cosmetic procedures if there are also structural problems.  Check with your insurance company to see what if anything is covered.

  1. Long Term Benefits

Cosmetic procedures can last for years even as long as 10 years.  That reduces the overall cost of cosmetic dentistry throughout your lifetime.

  1. Quick Recovery

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t involve a great deal of pain or a long recovery time.  The success rate for most of the procedures is close to a 100%.  Cosmetic dentistry is a great investment in your appearance.  No downtime or side effects other than looking great.

This is like any other medical decisions that you need to make, weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision.  Cosmetic dentistry is a fast, and efficient way to improve your smile and overall appearance.

The Benefits that Sleep Dentistry Can Offer Your Patients

The Benefits that Sleep Dentistry Can Offer Your Patients

There are millions of Americans who are absolutely terrified of going to the dentist, the mere thought of the dental chair fills them with dread and anxiety.  They often avoid going to the dentist altogether but that just leads to pain and more serious problems.  Fortunately dentists have come up with a way to make going to the dentist a lot easier with a technique known as sedation or sleep dentistry.

Sleep dentistry is being used in dental offices all across the country for procedures that don’t normally require any type of anesthetic.  Sleep dentistry is ideal for pediatric patients who may not be scared but lack the ability to sit still to have a procedure completed.  Dentists are now taking courses in sedation dentistry to be able to offer this service to their more nervous patients.  Here are some of the benefits that sleep dentistry can offer your patients.

Patient Relaxation: If your patient is more relaxed and comfortable about having treatments done, they can complete necessary treatments easily.

More Comfortable: The patient feels no discomfort during the procedure and the whole trip to the dentist is no longer unpleasant for them.

Less Resistance:  With less resistance and fear from patients dentist can complete the procedure quickly and easily.

No Memory of Treatment:  The patient is asleep for the entire procedure so they are not haunted by fear or thoughts of the procedure later.

Controlling the Gag Reflex:  There are many patients who have a problem with gagging as they undergo a dental procedure and this makes it hard for the dentist to get the procedure completed.  When the patient is sedated it helps to control the gag reflex and get the procedure completed.

While we refer to sedation dentistry as “sleep dentistry” the patient is not technically asleep.  They are given medication that makes them so calm and relaxed they are in a state that looks very much like they are sleeping.  The patient will not carry on a conversation nor will they respond to the physical stimulation so they aren’t feeling any pain.  There are three ways that medication to help them relax can be administered, either orally, intravenously or through inhalation.  Many dentists will offer all of these options, many will choose not to offer intravenous medication as it can cause other problems for patients.

Sedation dentistry may not be the perfect solution for everyone and you should never feel pressured into accepting sedation.  There are many nervous patients who are more comfortable being wide awake and having a dentist talk them through the procedure.  Always check with your dentist to see if sedation dentistry is an option, giving you the choice.

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